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"So much chocolate, so little time."

Chocolate is one of the few things that almost makes everyone universally and profoundly happy. You only need to go into any store and look near the cash register for proof of concept. But really good chocolate, I mean really good chocolate - the kind that makes you swoon, the kind that makes you want to go dancing down the street; where a recipe is perfected using the finest cocoa beans, fresh ingredients and flavorings, organic butters and creams, where attention has been paid to create that magical combination of taste, texture and appearance - well that's hard to find - even though there are an estimated 2,500 fine chocolatiers across America alone.

Our mission at the Chocolate Grail is to bring these awesome, extraordinary, luxurious and mouthwatering treats to your doorstep and palates - as well as broaden the audience for artisanal chocolatiers because - life is just too short not to share good chocolate.

We invite you to browse, discover and experience the world's best chocolates at the Chocolate Grail.

Lynn Chang lynn chang is the founder of Chocolate Grail. She studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and Stanford University and is the author & illustrator of 13 books, including "Costumes for Your Cat" and the popular "Look at Me" series. She is a self-proclaimed chocoholic.

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